Organization & Application ID (appID)

This article shows you how to manage applications in your organization

What is Organization and Application ID?

  • Organization: when you register an account with Uiza, your new account will be linked to an organization. This organization will group all of your usage data, billing details and other related information.
  • Application ID (appId): Any application always belongs to an existing organization. Your organization will have a limit of 2 Applications.

What is Application Status?

Your first application will be created automatically by Uiza with a random name. Don't worry, you can give it a nice name later.

Applications can have following status:

  • Init: Your application is initializing and cannot be accessed until the status becomes "Ready"
  • Ready: Your application is ready to use.
  • Error: An error occurred when creating your application.Please contact us for support.

How to create new application?

You can create a new application by following these steps:

Step 1: Login to Uiza Developer Console, then go to your Organization page, click Create App


Step 2: Wait for your application to be ready to use.

  • Organization page will be auto-refreshed and your new application status will be updated after successful creation.

How to rename your application?

You want to give a nice and meaningful name to your application? Just one more step! Press Edit on the right of your application. Click on Save to save the name.

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 13.20.43

How to delete an application?

Unfortunately, Uiza does not provide the feature to delete an existing application at this moment.

Please contact us if you encounter difficulties with your applications.