OBS guideline

Detailed guideline for setting up OBS software with Uiza

In case you want to broadcast the live signal to Uiza using a laptop or PC, you can use OBS (available on Mac. Windows, Linux)

Guideline for OBS

Step 1 - You can download OBS from:

  • Please make sure you're using the latest version of OBS to avoid unexpected issues

Step 2 - Open OBS and choose Video source. By default, if you want to use your own webcam, you should choose VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE

Choose Video Capture Device 

Choose your device (Webcam or external video record device) 

Step 3 - Go to setting to config ingestion point and quality of video

Step 4 - From the left menu, choose STREAM and choose CUSTOM STREAMING SERVER

Step 5 - Fill in URL and STREAM KEY  provided by Uiza platform

Step 6 - Then, go to tab OUTPUT and customize your broadcast feed specs

Step 8 - Click OK to save all setting, and click START STREAM to start push feed to Uiza's endpoint.

Advanced Setting 

For the best quality of the input feed, Uiza recommends you review the below set up & follow the instruction to have a stable input signal.

At OBS Layout, Choose the Setting

Choose the Output

Area 1) Choose Advanced

Area 2) Choose to set at the same image

  • Audio Track: 1
  • Encoder: based on the computer. We recommend using Hardware encoder for better performance.
  • Rescale output: choose the option based on your camera specs 

How to check camera specs

  • If you use the computer's camera, follow these steps:

Double click to the Video Capture Device (it does not appear here, click + to add one)

Choose the preset dropbox & select the highest resolution

As an example, with our demo camera only supports up to 1280x720, so at Rescale output setting, we will set a maximum of 1280x720

Area 3) Setting the bitrate and Keyframe Interval

Check your current network speed by using SpeedTest and set a maximum bitrate of 60%  your network speed for stable input.

We highly recommend the following configuration:

  • Without Uiza's encoding feature:
    • +640x360 (for mobile): 600Kbps
    • +854x480 (for web, mobile): 900Kbps
    • +1280x720 (for web, TV): 1900Kbps
    • +1920x1080(for TV): 3900Kbps
  • With Uiza's encoding feature:
    • +1280x720: 3000Kbps
    • +1920x1080: 6000Kbps

***Don't set this bitrate over 10.000Kbps, otherwise you will get an error notice when starting the Stream.

Example: when Speedtesting your network to the ingestion region that Uiza provides, the result is as follow:

You can set 60% of the upload speed( ~39Mbps or 39.000 Kbps). But Uiza won't accept more than 10,000Kbps at this moment.

For Keyframe Interval: 4 seconds is the optimal settings for stable stream and decent latency.

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