Live Entity Management

This article helps you easily manage your live entities and modify its details

To view your Live Entity details, go to Live Entity Management page and select one live entity in the list.


In Live Entity Management page, you can:

  • Delete Live Entity (only can do when the live streaming session has stopped)
    You can also delete a live entity by going Live Entity Management page and select one or multiple live entities to be deleted, then click the trash bin icon or Delete button.

    Please note that this action cannot be reversed.
  • Edit Live Entity 
    Click on one Live Entity title to go to Live Entity Detail page.
  • Play Live Event
    In Live Entity Detail page, you can playback your live stream session in the browsers through Uiza's Web Player.
  • Get Embed Code
    You can get the Embed Code of your live entity by clicking on the Embed Code button.

    You can paste the embedded code to other applications with HTML support and display the live stream (For example: WordPress, CMS website, etc.)
  • Edit Event Information
    Click Edit in Event Information panel to edit the name or description of the live entity.
  • Edit Advance Setting
    In Stream Details page, click Edit in Advance Setting panel to DVR option. More information about DVR here: Link
  • Add Relay Destinations
    You can add or remove a relay destination by going to the Live Entity Details page and click on Add New in Relay Destination panel. Find your Ingest Key & URL from your social media channels (for example Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, etc). Uiza will send a signal to your relay channels and broadcast your live stream simultaneously.
  • Session History
    You can check your Live History in Stream Details page/Session History panel
    session-historyYou can also select one session to check and modify the DVR details