Encoding with Uiza

This guide takes you through the steps to use Uiza's encoding Feature


Uiza can encode your input feed signal to enable Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) for better viewing experience. An input feed can go create multiple video outputs with different resolutions, to match your viewers' bandwidth. 

To use this feature, you need to create a live entity (link here), enable the encoding feature, and choose your preset.


A video_preset is a group of Profiles. The adaptive streaming output, generated by profiles, improves playback experience. Based on your subscription package, one preset can contain up to 6 profiles.

:warning: A preset should only include profiles with the same segment duration and orientation. If preset includes profiles with different segment durations (2s and 10s), the lower segment duration will be used for every profile. Different orientation will lead to different display aspect ratio when switching the profile, causing bad playback experience.

How to create a Preset

After you log into your Developer Console, you can follow these steps to create a Preset

Step 1 - Go to your Application

Step 2 - Go to Preset

Step 3 - Create a Preset and add profiles

Please read below to learn about Profile attributes


A video_profile defines a set of video and audio attributes for the output. Following attributes are given:

Video Resolution: output frame size - only the height of frame is used (1080p, 720p..etc); width of frame is based on the input display aspect ratio.

Video Codec: video codec to compress and produce the output - currently H264 is supported. Additional codecs like H265, VP9, and AV1 are coming soon.

Video Bitrate: number of kilobits per second (kbps) used to compress and produce video output. Higher the bitrate delivers better quality. However, higher bitrate produces higher data output: harming the playback experience, increasing the storage, delivery, and costs.

Video Framerate: number of frames per second.

Audio Codec: audio codec used to compress and produce audio output. Default codec is AAC.

Audio Channel: number of audio channels. Default number of channels is 2

Audio Bitrate: number of kilobits per second (kbps) used to compress and produce audio output. Default audio bitrate is 128 kbps.

Segment Duration: The duration of HLS / DASH segments in seconds. Higher value increases latency/buffer time, but stabilizes playback experience.

Orientation: video frame orientation. With the increase of portrait(vertical) videos , this attribute helps Uiza optimize the output.