Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Digital Video Recorder (DVR): Records & converts your live streaming session into a Video Entity 

About the feature

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By enabling this feature during creation of a live entity, record for every live entity session will be saved as Video Entities. The DVR will record the original input feed (origin signal) and store it. By choosing the original input feed, Uiza can provide you with the best quality record. With our Instant DVR Feature, the video entity will be ready right after the session ends.

This setting changed (enable/disable) after the creation of the live entity.

Pricing impact

By using this feature, storage will be used, hence an over usage cost might be billed. Please check this article to learn more about our costing structure: [Billing article Link] 

The storage depends on the length of the session, as a longer session creates a bigger video entity.

DVR Tiers

The length of a DVR is determined by your tier. 

Tier Duration
Developer First hour of the Session
Team First 3 hours of the Session
Business First 6 Hours of the Session

How the feature works

Step 1 - Create a live entity (see links below)

You will see the DVR option when creating a new Live Entity as follow:

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If you choose
a) Yes: Uiza will create a DVR when the live session starts and stop when the live session ends 
b) No: Uiza won't create a DVR

Step 2 - Start your live event using your streaming software. The live stream session ends when the streaming software signal stops, after which your DVR will be ready as a video entity.

Step 3 - You can go to the Session DVR in the Live Entity Detail page, under "Session History", where all the sessions are listed. A link to your DVR is shown there.

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Step 4 - After your live session ends, you can find the DVR in the Video Entities Page

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