How to create a Live Entity

A live entity contains the information required for Uiza to successfully allocate resources to power the live entity's live broadcasting sessions. You can reuse a live entity and broadcast multiple live sessions sequentially.

Follow these steps to create a live entity and start live streaming sessions

Step 1 - Go to your Application and create a new live entity

From the left menu, find the LIVE section and choose to Create Live Entity

Step 2 - Input a name to create a live entity

  • Name: Entity name (up to 100 characters)
  • Description: Event's description

Encode (Upgrade to Paid Tier to access this feature)

a) Yes: Your input feed will be encoded with a chosen preset (follow this link to learn more about Presets)

b) No: Same resolution with input feed, single profile but faster


a) Yes: your live stream will be recorded and converted into a Video Entity 
b) No: your live stream session won't be recorded

Relay Destination

You can input an ingest URL & Key by different social media networks (example: twitch, facebook, youtube, etc.). Uiza will send the output feed to your chosen Relays.

Step 3 - Start Stream

If the processing screen does not load or displays an error, your event failed to start. Please contact us or try to create a new live entity.

When an entity is created successfully, you receive the ingest key & Publishing endpoint (ingest URL) to enter into to the input source (streaming software).

Guideline on how to use the streaming software HERE.

Uiza's limitation for the input feed is 10,000Kbps for better feed-in and feed-out experience.

Step 4 - Create Live Sessions

Go to your new live entity detail page to watch active live streams, find all details about the entity, edit information about the live entity, and see the live session history.


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