Choosing the right Ingest Region

This article describes Ingest Regions offered by Uiza and how to provide the best performance for your user

Please pay attention that you entered a supported region, else the API will return an error message. Defining correct region helps Uiza allocates the resource that is closest to the streamer location. This will minimize the risks of network issues and reduce the impact on your business. While we are adding more and more regions to Uiza Network, please check the current available regions below:
Region Code Region
in-bangalore-1 Bangalore - India
in-mumbai-1 Mumbai - India
sg-singapore-1 Singapore
vn-saigon-1 Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam
id-jakarta-1 Jakarta - Indonesia
us-oregon-1 Oregon - USA
aus-sydney-1 Sydney - Australia
ie-dublin-1 Dublin - Ireland