This article describes the process of monthly billing.

Billing calculates the cost of data usage by users.

The Full billing month is the first day of every month until the last day of the month. Invoice will be sent out on the third day and has to be paid by the 15th day of next month for over usage. Users can download the invoice as PDF in the developer console.

If invoice has not been paid by the 15th day, user subscription package will be terminated.

Here is the free data usage per month by tier:

Name Developer Team Business
Encoding Minutes (mins) 200 2,000 20,000
Storage (GB) 2 50 1,000
Delivery (GB) 5 50 1,000
Live Entity 1 10 100


Following table shows the price for over usage:




Encoding Minutes (mins)

Total Minutes of encoded videos during billing period. Reset every month.


Storage (GB)

Peak data stored of all video assets within billing period


Live Entity

Number of live entities created


Pay as you go Delivery Pricing

North America, Europe, Israel

South Africa, South America, Middle East, Japan, Australia


South East Asia, Asia Pacific

$0.05/GB $0.07/GB $0.08/GB $0.09/GB